Direct Mail Services

Many people talk about the decline of direct mail as a marketing tool.

While more businesses market their brands online, the advertising space is becoming more cluttered. Many consumers are tuning out online marketing and ad blockers are a must for many users.

As the overall quantity of mail had decreased, consumers are noticing well crafted direct mail more.

Much like email marketing or social media marketing, direct mail marketing is just one part of an integrated marketing campaign. And it is a powerful closer, with the highest response rates of any medium.

The money is in the list.

The foundation of our campaigns is based on our data accuracy. The money is in the list. Through multiple data partners we have enhanced our data with financial and credit models. It is our goal to combine, value-add, and build direct marketing campaigns, that are unique and personal to each and every client. Our focus lies on customer retention, response and regressive modeling.

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