Managed Direct Response

Optimizing Sales Using Technology

Managed Marketing Optimizes Direct Mail Sales Using Today’s Technology

In this platform you can see the day that the direct mail arrives at the post office that services the delivery area of your ideal prospects. You will also be able to see the number of pieces that have arrived at the post office for delivery and be able to prepare your sales staff with reasonable certainty for inbound phone call volume to increase.

This platform helps us effectively monitor, measure, analyze and optimize direct mail campaigns. It ties into an 800 number placed on your mail piece. When prospects call the special 800 number, the call will route to a destination number in your office that is dedicated to your direct mail campaigns. The system will log the phone number, pull a name over from public records when it is able to find a match, and records the calls.

Why is this so important?
It’s important because it is our best gauge of the quality of a direct mail sales campaign. The logged phone numbers tell us how many responders and sales leads a campaign produces.

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