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Why Choose Managed Marketing As Your Preferred Direct Mail Services Provider?

Helping you launch successful direct mail campaigns is where we come in. At Managed Marketing , we bring you 20 years of experience and employ an agency approach to direct mail that have produced successful marketing, lead generation and sales campaigns for hundreds of well-known finance companies. Every company that comes to Managed Marketing is looking for a long term direct marketing partner and a company they can lean on to be the architect of a state of the art direct mail program. Our mail campaigns generates high quality inbound calls that lead to sales, greater profitability, and lower costs per client acquisition. At Managed Marketing we know that helping you drive sales and profitability is crucial to you meeting and exceeding your business goals. We also know that when we help your business grow our business grows as well.

At Managed Marketing there is no one size fits all. We approach every potential advertiser and direct mail client as unique businesses with the need for a consistent and profitable marketing campaign that is tailored to the company, brand, and product or service offered. Working together to assess the needs and expectations of your company will help us deliver the results that you are looking for. Our goal is to get your message and offer in front of the people that will be interested in what your company offers. Understanding the needs of our clients, we have run highly successful direct mail campaigns for some of the most recognized companies in the financial services industries.

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